Monday, December 14, 2009

Waiting For You + An Iraqi Song "I need you"

Whispers For You in I'm Waiting For You .. :

A pair Of Bird sat on my room window ...
A sunny day after long cloudy winter ..
Spring Came with a new romantic weather !,, wet grass ,, green bushes,,colorful flowers and blue pure water oasis ,,
what a wonderful nature is!.

Its wedding party of earth and sky ,,all creature in water,on earth and also at sky celebrates and hangging around with joy,,
angels sounds of dancing, singing and preparing for wed Mass i can hear clearly..
Earth is on its wonderful phase getting ready for long waited day...

Just I woke Up , its march, my everlasting love day... You isnt here this march again? ..
I will wait you next march..

I know for sure that we are still in winter time, however these lines remind me of an Iraqi romantic song belongs to Majid Al Mohandes which also includes a long waiting for the arrival of love and happiness:


’’ محتاجـــــــــــــكI need you ‘‘

محتاجك .. محتاجك
I need you .. I need you
محتاج اشوف عيونك
I need to see your eyes
محتاجك محتاجك
I need you .. I need you
محتاج اشم هدومك
I need you .. I need to smell your clothes
محتاج اشوفك ياضوة عيوني
I need to see you, you the light of my eyes
قلبي وروحي عنك يسألوني
My heart and soul are asking me about you
مثلي تبكي لو نسيت
Do you cry like me or forget
مثلي تسهر لو غفيت
Awake like me or slept
وشلون انام الليل من دونك
And how to sleep the night without you
وشلون اغفى وانا من دونك
And how to close my eyes without you
محتاج حبك يجي يدفيني وارتاح
Need your love to warm and comfort me
ادفع حياتي ثمن بس يرجع اللي راح
I pay my life a price only for our past to come back


I would like to Dedicate the song to some brothers and sisters:

Najma who is
Counting at the moment

Attawie & Khalid Jarar

Morbido and her Fiancé

+ Whoever likes it



Anonymous said...

This idea is necessary just by the way

زهرة الراوي said...

السلام عليكم
نرجو أن تكونوا بخير

Khalid from said...

الاخت الفاضلة زهرة الراوي مع الاحترام

اشكر لكم سؤالكم عنا وكلي دعاء ان يحفظكم الله تعالى ويسدد نحو النجاح خطاكم

مع الاحترام والتقدير

Entrümpelung wien said...

شكرا لكم ..))

Wohnungsräumung Wien said...

شكرا لكم ..دائما موفقين..))

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entrümpelung wien said...

شكرا على الموضوع
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اساحبى said...

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umzug said...

شكرا على الموضوع الممتاز....
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Entrümpelung said...

موفقين لكل ما هو قيم ومفيد 
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Bookmarks said...

تسلم ايديك على الموضوع المتميز جداا
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الربح من الانترنت said...

thnQ for you :)

Entrümpelung Wien said...

مشكوررررر .. موضوع ممتاز جدااا .

umzug said...

مشكوووور .. وتسلم ايديك على الموضوع الممتاز

Hawaa Fashoin said...

شكرا على الموضوع ....))
الرشاقه والرجيم
العنايه بالبشره والشعر

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Umzug said...

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