Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Peace Collection, Eid Celebrations, Friendship & Love and other Updates from the Iraqiblogsphere!!!

Nadia at Art Tray is happily sharing her peace collection which she presents to:

my country, my kids, my planet & John Lennon:{peace out}

Nadia also in a most recent post is asking everybody to enjoy looking at her Jolly good FISHES:

Thank you Nadia, we do enjoyed both the peace collection and the Jolly Good Fishes.


Eid el-Fitr is a widely celebrated event among our colleagues at the Iraqi blogsphere.It attracts the attention of Sandybelle, Noor el Qamar, Attawie , Then Some, Mosul 4 all, Leish, Violet For PeaceandHNK.

Inside Iraq believes:

it has been one of the quietest Eids we have had for quite a while. I am so happy.

He is giving some examples to prove his claim:

In volatile Diyala, where al Qaida still holds sway, people are out of their houses, into the streets and off visiting friends and loved ones, putting their fears behind them. Families filling parks and commons that they were afraid to reach last year.

In Fallujah, the same story. Several new cafes were opened during Ramadan, and they were full to overflowing with youngsters eager to celebrate on these holy days.

In Tikrit, in Basra and Najaf. In Hilla, Karbala and Diwaniyah. In all the cities and towns - and not least in Baghdad, you could see the parents proudly moving about their city with their young ones in colourful Eid clothes.

He concludes by saying:

Iraqis are a strong, resilient people who have been through so much and have seen much hardship and sorrow. But When they got the chance - they bounced, and celebrated as they have not done for a long time.


Attawie shows what everybody is looking for "Love & Friendship" in one nice picture:


Iraq The Model has this to say to the Egyptian government:

If your house is made of trash, don't kill the pigs.

The story behind his advice is:

When the government killed all the pigs in Egypt this spring — in what public health experts said was a misguided attempt to combat swine flu — it was warned the city would be overwhelmed with trash.The pigs used to eat tons of organic waste. Now the pigs are gone and the rotting food piles up on the streets of middle-class neighborhoods like Heliopolis and in the poor streets of communities like Imbaba.


Baghdad Bacon & Eggs and some quotes from his recent post "Nearly Everyone Else's Eid":

I woke up very early this morning, opened up Facebook and everyone was Happy Eiding everyone else.

Yesterday, we went to Karbala for dinner. It was cloudy, maybe it will rain this winter which would be so good as long as it doesn't rain during the harvest which isn't for another couple of months.

I'm quite fed up with my workload at the plantation.

I'm going to get a Visa debit card to buy myself a Blackberry.

I don't know why I'm becoming pessimistic all of a sudden. I've always thought that as long as some democracy existed there will be hope for things to get better, but it does seem that those in power are trying to burn the bridge for change...

Why can't this country gain sovereignty without shooting itself in the foot?

I know it's not me to talk of politics but does anyone see any sign of improvement in writing? I've been practicing.


Morbid Smile at From Me With Love is back:

I know, it's been exactly a year since I last wrote here. I wasn't planning on doing this, it just happened. After I got back home I decided that I needed a long vacation from everything I ever did before: from reading, writing, researching, or even looking at books which was hard to do since they were everywhere.

Morbido also has some good news:

I don't have to mention that so many things happened in this year, one of them was my sister's wedding preceded by my Dad's sudden illness and back surgery (He's much better now and back to normal life)... and of course, me getting the job I worked so hard to get!

And a final 'coming back' declaration:

But, I'm still here.. checking new posts written by others, even if I wasn't commenting.. but I'm still here, and hope that there is still some people out there checking my blog for I am coming back now!

Morbido's return is welcomed by her colleagues such as Marsho:

Welcome back :)
I was checking your blog every now and then and knew that you would return one day.
Happy Eid

And Attawie:

My best friend, my dear
Online and offline
In blogsphere and real sphere
University and post-graduate
In Iraq and abroad
Oh my dear
I'm so happy you're back to blogging

Morbido: Welcome back into the Iraqi Blogsphere World!!!


Baghdad's Kassakhoon has a message to the Minister of Natural Resources in Iraq's Kuridstan Regional Government, Ashti Hawrami who is now asking Norway's DNO International ASA to "find ways to remedy the damage done to the KRG reputation":

Dear Mr. Hawrami, nothing in the Iraqi law allows you to do what you said it was "with the sole intention of helping DNO to raise the capital required for its projects in the Kurdistan Region" and "to be supportive of the companies working in the Kurdistan Region." Simply put, you have breached Iraq's Penalty Law No. 111 in 1969 and the Civil-servant Disciplinary Law No. 14 in 1991.


Mosul 4 all is twitting now:

About month ago I signed up in twitter after I heard about it on tv, first I thought it was just like facebook and useless but then I realized the benefits from twitter and how to use it in the right way.

The following is her twitter page:



HOW TO DESERVE IT? sadly, has no internet connection for over a month now:

A whole month trying to get Internet. There is something wrong in this city.


Touta promises fireworks:

I've been blogging for a lunar year. When the actual year anniversary passes, i think i might actually set off fireworks.

She explains it further:

You may be wondering why this seemingly overreaction at my blog's anniversary...well...the truth was i never though i would last. :D Talk about lack of faith.

Touta has many stories and stuff to tell:

i screwed up my finger and had to have stitches, and now every letter i type brings a whole new meaning to the word 'pain'.

I rediscovered how much I shudder at Karl Wolfe... I recently heard not one, but two of his 'songs' played loudly, and at that moment, I think a part of me died.

Then she is offering her "Lesson of the Day":

my silent smile and nod tactic backfired, as one woman shouted across the room to my mother - 'is your daughter deaf? she might be DYKLEXIC ya habeebti, get her tested', followed by her pinching my cheeks in a way that meant i walked around cursing violently in my head as the pinch stung for minutes after.

I had to bite down my tongue pretty hard to stop myself from telling said lady it was her fault i couldnt hear anything (she arranged the seatings and made me sit next to a blasting speaker that was over half my height), and that being 'dyklexic' has nothing to do with deafness.

Touta, we wish your first finger a quick recovery and hope your typing will be soon free of pain.


Dr. Viola in an enjoyable EID journey of discovery in Erbil and talking about car numbers, faces and dances:

cars numbers :
All the visits I have made to Kurdistan, I have never seen a diversity of people like this one !
It like all the Iraqi were there ! , Baghdad, Basra, Karbala, Al Najaf, Nineveh ,Al Anbar
I noticed that by looking at the cars numbers on the way to bekhal cascade .
130000 entered Erbil from Mosul .
Faces and dances :
All the way and I see people dancing , on Arabic music .. Kurdish music … never matter!

To see a prosporous Erbil reminds her of the old peaceful Mosul:

Erbil……. I love it soooooo much (the down town of Erbil), when I visit it I can see Mosul when it was in peace before the invasion ! that's why I love it !
The urbanization is at the highest levels there , I almost cried when I see people of my own home have not been given the chance to start building their city like Erbil.

Having seen all the good thigns in her trip, Dr. Viola is making an announcment:

It's time to live .. it's time to have the right to go out home at night without fearing you will be killed or kidnapped !
It's time to go to college without fearing bridge would be closed at any second and your exams just have to fly away !
it's time to remove checkpoints ! it's time for not seeing any solider in the street ! it's time for not seeing any army tanks ! It's time to have fun, it's time to live life …

Yes, Dr. Viola, it's time for all the Iraqi people in Mosul and in our other cities, big or small, to begin to enjoy their life .


IraqPundit has the following view about what he describes as "the most respected Arabic language newspapers":

Instead of writing about how politicians are forming alliances, new parties, and negotiating to make changes in the country, the newspapers print rumours. Instead of showing that democracy is slowly developing here, the papers add to the conspiracy theories that spread so easily in the region. But most Iraqis believe, rightly or wrongly, neighbouring countries don't want Iraq to succeed.


HNK wants the opening of schools to be delayed:

Please wait, I need more break. I don’t want to go back to my school
School is always waiting in the corner, whether I want to admit this or not.

However, it's just words, because there's no other option available:

So, doctrorst and professors
Please, broaden the road …
I am coming


It is all about our life and Marsho in an invitation to watch a stunning video:

Kseniya Simonova
Watch this Ukranian sand animator...isn't she amazing?!!

It's mazing, Marsho. Thank you so much.


Karwan at The Day Before Yesterday in a "To You" poem:

here were moments we were together
Things that I treasure and remember
You are stronger than you seem
And more beautiful than I could dream
But most importantly, even we are apart,
You’ll be always be in my heart


These are a few of my favourite things and a big brother together with his little sister:


Mix Mode in a Wake Up call:

a wake up call for a blogger who's missed by many, and not only by me. I am not talking about those who suddenly decided to give it a try and leave everything behind, as if the effort put on writing and publishing what they think and want to share with the whole world (through this blog) is nothing but a waste of time.

In the end, he re-enforces his call:

Yes, it is a wake up call for all bloggers I used to read... who are missed, not only by me, but by many. Those bloggers who are in my eyes and mind left a trace with their precious words, experience, feelings, and events.

MixMax, we hope your honest call will be heard from as many bloggers as possible and it seems working, Morbido is back!



attawie said...

Thank you for the updates. It's weird though to see my comment published for a wider range of readers :)

Thanks and Happy Eid again.

Khalid from said...


Thank you so much for your kind visit.I have my good reasons to publish your comment on Morbido's return.It's honest, and it's only from your heart.

Happy Eid to you and your family and May ALLLAh make all your days EID,

Michomeme said...

Wow, very nice post, I can see the new updates of all the Iraqi bloggers, I can see that I am not blogging as well, this makes me sad, I promise I will back soon.

Khalid from said...

Welcome sister and I hope to see your new post very soon.

Take care,

nadia khafagi said...

dear khalid

i have to admit,{i like it}
2 of my posts in the same update..thanx

Khalid from said...

Dear Nadia,

Thank you so much for your kind visit.

No doubt we'll follow your blog all the time not just to update our respected readers but also to enjoy watching your artwork.

Thank you again,

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