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The Way in Which the World should Know Iraq, A Dolma Declaration and more from the Iraqi Blogspere

MixMax at Iraq The Lasting Love - العراق اسميك المحبة has a very powerful post in which he calls the world to know Iraq through some beautiful pictures such as the following one:

MixMax believes that the world should know Iraq because:

Its about history, might, power, glory, art
Its about nature, fun, joy and social life for the young and the old
Iraq is about simplicity
Iraq is about genius, music, and spiritual beauty within its people
Iraq is where the first law was discovered, where rules and discipline towards a better humanity have been set
Iraq is where the good food is

Then he won't forget our beloved capital Baghdad:

They said that Paris or Rome, or New York are called "the cities that never sleeps"
Baghdad, with its glory nights, used to match with such great Western cities.

His final statement is full of confidence:

This is how the world should see, and know Iraq.

Thank you so much MixMax, you are making us happy and proud.


It is all about our life is cooking the Iraqi Dolma in US:

She is making a Dolma Declaration:

Here is my favorite Iraqi food which I cooked; Dolma.
I tell you what it was delicious and wish that you all were here to share it with my husband and I...
I wish that dad was here, he would have been proud of his daughter watching her backing and cooking in her mini kitchen...
Enjoy pictures :)

Thank you Marsho, it's delesious!

These are a few of my favourite things and her tired cat.The question, though, is whether the tiredness is due to laziness or a tough life:


Iraqi Shots by Dr.Violet shows some pictures for a nice house in Mosul that has a date-palm tree in a green garden:


Mosul 4 all blog from Iraq is trying her best to help a homeless family:

Family need help in Mosul, I've heard that a family consist of 4 girls and one boy and their mother, have been kicked out from house and thrown in street in mosul and they without hosue . The family had been rent house for $100/month but now they didn't have enough money to rent the house so the lessor kicked them out of the house with no place they can go to.

However, there is a happy update to the story:

A man provides empty house temporary for this family till they get enough money to rent house . thank you


Nadia at Art Tray is entering what she calls:

The black n' white {era}

Nadia explains further:

am trying to change my color scheme and till i find my new combination i will be posting b&w :p


Neurotic Iraqi wife 's father passed away recently that totally shocked her:

As I write these words, my heart wrenches for him. My heart aches for him. Aches for his touch, for his beautiful luminous smile. Aches for his soothing words. My heart aches for his eyes, his deep blue sea eyes. The love of my life is gone. GONE. Yet my mind still doesnt want to believe it. I honestly dont believe that I will never see him again. I dont believe that his index finger will never circle my swelling belly again. I dont believe that he will never hug me, will never squish me between his arms. I dont believe that he wont meet my babies. The babies that he was so eager to meet, to hold, to touch, to play with. My dad left us but I know he fought really hard to stay for us.

She talks to him saying:

Dad, you are always here, here with us. Here in our hearts, our hearts and minds. I know you will be there smiling over me, smiling over me, when Im having your grandsons. I know you will bless them with your kindness. Yes dad, I will be waiting for you. Waiting for your scent to pass by me, by us just like it did the other day. I know you are here. And I know you are in heaven. Rest in Peace...A Heavenly Peace...

We express our sincere condolences and our deepest sympathies to neurotic Iraqi wife and her family. May Allah accept him in His Mercy and let him in Heaven.


posts a beautiful Quran Recitation of Surah Al Qadr:


Sami is flying high in his Skies and this time he tells us a story related to a Polish Jewish pianist:

Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Polish Jewish pianist survived till a Nazi soldier found him wandering in aplace he should not be. Clearly, the fate of the pianist was to be killed. A question slipped from the lips of the Nazi like a slow black serpent about to kill:

- Who are you?
- I was a pianist.
- Play something, the Nazi said challenging.

Szpilman answered him by Chopin’s Ballad no. one. It is music. A human thing. It is why animals feel small next to human. It is beauty mixed with smartness, wisdom mixed with childhood. It is communication travels through space and time summarizing our history into a sweet song. It is why animals feel small next us, it was why the Nazi felt small next to Szpilman:

- What will you do when it is all over? Asked the Nazi.
- I’ll play the piano again. On the Polish radio.

Sami also lists some possible gains that we should get from art:

So what do we gain from art. We gain our dignity. We tell our story. We share existence. We pass by the reason of why we are humans, and what we are doing here, on this earth.


Then Some! first he apologizes profusely for the chronic lack of posting and then he talks about Kräftskiva and his fasting:äftskiva Kräftskiva is apparently some sort of national festival here in ABBA-land, it can be translated into "crayfish party" as that is pretty much what they do on this day. As with a few other traditional holidays here, it does not take place on a given day, but rather go by specific weekdays, i.e. The first Sunday of May, second-to-last Tuesday before Christmas, and so on. And I thought running things by the lunar calendar was bad. Sheesh! Thing is: this holiday will take place next Friday, my company's arranged something, I've been invited, and I'll be fasting. I don't know how to handle this exactly, I reckon they'll understand


IraqPundit is looking for Someone to Remind the President:

This is the sentence that I hope Obama reads: "If the country is not stable, al-Qaeda and Iraq's neighbors will be quick to exploit the vacuum." From here, it's obvious that's no exaggeration.


Karwan at The Day Before Yesterday posts a picture of a child with a tear coming from his eye together with a poem about life which is hard:

But even a life as hard as this
You wish that it’ll one day end up bliss
So why the worry when we’ll die?
You, and they, and even I
Be it now, today or tomorrow
We’ll leave behind all the happiness and sorrow

The good thing is the fact that he keeps the hope alive:

But yet again
We have to retain
Our faith
Out health
And the love to live
Believing that it’ll give Back
The very reason for you being here
So don’t give up no matter where

Also, Marwan in his recent poem touches on a one-sided love affair:

Here it comes again!
When I’ll ever learn
Don’t I have anything else to do?
Thinking all the time just of you?
That’s just sad and absurd
Call me a fool or even a nerd!
No body cares at the end
Not even she
So I have to let it be


Mhmd at My Iraq talks about his summer of discontent:

the black waves just keep on crashing. my little nephew died. the blackness of death never really lifts, especially when its one so unfair. babies die all the time, as do children, as do adults.

Then he gives us some of his latest news:

i'm beginning university soon, but it wont be in iraq or the uk. i chose jordan. i'm not sure why, but its close to my family and still has a western feel to it. i'll be doing law and i think it starts in october. i should really check..

Mhmd, may you accept our sincere condolences. Also, we wish you all the success in your study of law.


Sandybelle and her loving father who wants his daughters to see the happy places only:

Dad, I remember once when I told you about a very beautiful village , and how I wanted to visit it. with the pleasure in your honey-colored eyes, you suggested to go there. They were the happiest times ever, they may not be repeated again.
In the beginning, I was surprised with that suggestion, you are always busy with college and students. but now, I am not , I just can understand, you always want us to see the happy places, always want us to see the beauty..
Dad! I love you


Dr.Viola hopes that Peace will reach our beloved country Iraq One Day:

Also in a recent post Dr. Viola has a picture of a confused child sitting on the steps of probably a public park and talking about what she called "That simple line":

The happiness I seek all my life ..
It has no a specific definition ! with whom … how … where .. when … I don't know .. all I know is to feel it someday ~ to feel something I missed here .. I don't have it .. yes , I won't

Then she concludes by saying:

There is a simple, thin line separates between geniality and foolishness.. this is what I am this
where I am .


Leish has a sory about the need to tell the truth when you are fasting even if it's against the wish of your husband:

we were invited to a child's b'day party. the whole family was invited to this event even though only my youngest was friends with the b'day boy. you can guess what happened. my husband and my eldest chose to stay at home and watch the soccer match between turkey and some other country...i took my youngest son in the blazing heat (inject sympathy here ie. khatiya) and stayed at the party surrounded by what seemed like scores of young children but was probably only 10. i was the one who kept up conversation with the mother, the grandmother and the aunt. when the mother asked where everyone else was, what was i expected to say? the truth: they're at home watching soccer :)

The problem is that her husband is not happy that she told the truth:

my husband didn't seem to get it. "why didn't you tell them i was busy?", he said cringing with embarrassment...erm, because i am sayma? because i'm a terrible lier? because i was surprised she asked ?because i have a headache? because i didn't think you cared? sigh...all of the above?

We should try our best to tell the truth all the time, no matter what the consequences are.May be we have to think twice if telling the truth is affecting our well-being or that of others


Son of Tigris has a picture of the main pyramid at Mayapan in an attemp to address this question "What Do Dinosaurs And The Maya Have In Common?".He turns to Geology and archaeology to explain the related facts:

Son of Dijla is Off again:

Part celebration of anniversary and part to meet up with family and friends, most of which I haven't seen for 12 days :-D

We wish you a nice time with your family and friends.


The Iraqi journalist Mutadhar al-Zaidi, who threw his shoe at former US president George Bush has attracted the attention of many Iraqi bloggers. The following is a summary of their reactions:

Iraqi Mojo says:

You know Iraqis have freedom
when they can demand an apology from the Iraqi Prime Minister!
“I demand from him to apologise for covering up and keeping the truth from people,” Mr al-Zaidi said. “I will talk later about the names that got involved in torturing me, including some senior officials in the Government and army.”
Imagine what would have happened to an Iraqi who demanded an apology from Saddam.

A Family in Baghdad and Tell Me a Secret have on their blogs the full speech of Muntader after he was released.

HNK is speechless:

Mabrook Muntather......
I am feelimg so speechless....better to end this post

Healing Iraq provides a link to Shroogy Pride that focuses on Muntazer al-Zaidi.

Talisman Gate has two questions:

Now why exactly is a Syrian minister, the one in charge of regime propaganda no less, waiting at the airport to receive al-Zaidi? Doesn't it seem like a protocol infraction?

Would al-Zaidi dare to throw a shoe at Syrian President Bashar al-Asad, whose regime enabled jihadists and Ba'athists to wage the bloody insurgency against the New Iraq?
Would al-Zaidi dare to throw a shoe at Syrian President Bashar al-Asad, whose regime enabled jihadists and Ba'athists to wage the bloody insurgency against the New Iraq?

Attawie has this to say:

Watching this video over and over even after a couple of days, not knowing why exactly, shedding tears of mixed feelings, all I know is that people need to know about this all over the world.This part of his speech keeps occurring to my mind as if I've seen it with my own eyes.I wish we can find peace

يوميات مغتربة puts his release on her blog record regarding him as a hero:

أريد أن أسجل هذا الحدث في مدونتي .. فقد تم اليوم (15-9-2009) الافراج عن منتظر الزيدي .. ماكو داعي أكثر الكلام .. خطابه الرائع واقعي واضح يتحدث .. يتحدث بما أعجز عن التعبير عنه .. من جديد .. عاشت إيدك يا بطل ..


How To Deserve It? يكتب عن الرحيل، الحب والموت:

مدن مسكونة بالرحيل و قلوب تدمن الوحده
مدن مسكونة بالنحيب و قلوب تدمن الذكرى
مدن مسكونة بالوهم و قلوب تدمن العمى

أيها الحب الذي لا يسكن مدنا
أيها الموت الذي لا يعرف الحب
أيها الحلم الذي لا يفهم الموت
ايتها المدن التي لا تملك قلب

ان لا انتمي ليس عيب ... العيب ان ادمن انتمائي


الروح العراقية IRAQI SPIRIT
يكتب عن حقيقة كون موقف الساسة العراقيين والعرب هو الخلاف:

أبدي عجبي من أن يتحول حامي الامس وصديق اليوم من الذين كانوا يحتمون "بالجارة" سوريا كيف تصورا بمنظورهم السياسي والدبلوماسي والعرفي أن يحولوا روابط الدم والدين والتأريخ وكل الأواصر بين العراق وسوريا وبمفهوم مجلس الرئاسة الموقر الى "جارة" وليست شقيقة أفليس الاجدر على من يدافع عن هذه العلاقات أن يكون حريصا على أختيار مفردات رسالته الموجهة للعالم بدقة أكثر، فلما تحولت الشقيقة سوريا الى "جارة" هل هو نوع من ألقاء اللوم أو مساواة بأيران وتركيا أم أبتعاد عن القومية والعروبة

ثم يوجه نداءً صريحا الى أهلنا في أرض الحرم المكي المطهر والمدينة المنورة على حد قوله:

فالى أهلنا في أرض الحرم المكي المطهر والمدينة المنورة حرسهما الله التي ما فتأ بعض علمائها من تصدير فتاوى القتل بحق العراقيين وأن الكثير من الانتحاريين هم من أولاد عمومتنا، أفليس للدم ورمضان حرمة عند المسلمين. فهل هي سياسة الأقوى والغاية تبرر الوسيلة هي الاصلح، فإذا كان هذا هو الجواب فعلى الباغي تدور الدوائر وهذا يشمل جميع دول الجوار من غير تلاعب بالاوراق فما يشمل سوريا يجب أن نلوح به لأيران وغيرها، وعندها سنكون مضطرين الى اللجوء للمجتمع الدولي والامم المتحدة للتحقيق في قضية الجرائم الارهابية في العراق ودور دول الجوار فيها وهو ما استدعى تعاطفا دوليا تجسد في رفع هذه المطالبة من قبل الامين العام للامم المتحدة بان كي مون الى مجلس الامن الدولي وأن كان مترددا للان، ولكن نرجو من جميع الاطراف أن تراعي براءة العراقيين من دم يوسف وأن لا تخلط الاوراق الخاصة بمصالحها مقابل التضحية بأرواح الشعب العراقي.

اذا كنت تريد ان تصنع مدونة خاصة بك فما عليك سوى زيارة:
البرجوازي العراقي وهو يبدأ برقة مشجعاً الجميع على البدء بالتدوين الآن وليس غداً

أبدأ التدوين اليوم بل في هذه اللحظة
عبّر عن فكرك وحريتك
لا داعي لمعرفة اي شيء عن لغات برمجة الاج تي ام ال
عبّر فليس هناك من سكرتير تحرير تابع للحزب الفلاني او الجهة القمعية اللامعة او للعشيرة الفلانية

ومن ثم يبتدأ بدرسه السلس:

في هذا الدرس سنتعلم كيفية
اولا كيفية فتح حساب على البلوكر لبدأ التدوين
ثانيا كيفية اضافة كجت
ثالثا كيفية اضافة عداد لعدد القارئين للموقع
رابعا الاجابة على سؤال متى تظهر مدونتي على الكوكل


مدونة Baghdadتعرض صورة عن التصاميم العالمية التي ستستخدم لتأهيل منطقة خضر الياس في بغداد:


يالله عيني سولفلنا
والدكتورة فيولا في نداء للمشاركة في مشروع يدعو الى جمع 10 ملايين ختمة:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والصلاة والسلام على سيد الانبياء والمرسلين

مشروع يدعو الى جمع 10 ملايين ختمة ، نعدو الامة الاسلامية الى التدبر وقراءة القران الكريم
واذا قرأ القرآن فاستمعوا اليه وانصتوا لعلكم ترحمون
فأرجو زيارة الرابط المرفق لتسجيل ختمة



البرجوازي العراقي said...

بالنسبة لمارشو اتمنى تلكا شغل بمشيكان وهذه اهم من الدولمة ولو عملية تاسيس الدولمة العراقية بامريكة اكيد مو سهلة ولذلك اطلب من العراقيين العايشين بالمهجر ان يساعد واحد الثاني بايجاد فرص العمل والاقتداء بملل الارض الاخرى والابتعاد عن امراضنا الاجتماعية المزمنة الطائفية والتفرقة الدينية والعنصرية القومية لان بعدين نكوم نحن عل اجنبي وننسى ابن البلد.

اما صورة هاي النخلة بالموصل فهذي مفاجئة لان اعتقد النخل بالموصل مو هواية مثل بغداد وخاصة اتذكر اني بسليمانية ماكو نخل على الاطلاق يعني قصدي نمو النخل بالشمال صعب الا ان الموصل لها صفات عجيبة فهي تقف فوق تربة طينية حلوة قليلة الملوحة وكثيرة الحصى وموقعها الجغرافي شمالي لكن ارتفاعها غير عالي عن سطح البحر واما هذا النبات الذي يشبه اللبلاب فلا اتذكر اسمه لكني اتذكر انه يعطي ثمار لونها احمر وذات شكل جميل وهذه المدرج مالت السيارة حلو قصدي الكراج ...عاشت ايدج دكتورة فيوليت.

شكرا لان كلت على موضوع تصنيع المدونة سلس وهو المطلوب لان اني سويته للي ميعرف اي شي عن البرمجة ويريد يسوي مدونة لان يريد يقدم شي للناس خاصة اذا كان مفكر واتذكر فديوم رحت لنقابة المهندسين بالتسعينات فكان اكو صورة لخارطة العالم للادريسي وهو عالم صنع خارطة للعالم في زمن هارون الرشيد ورسمها عن طريق الكلام وحساب المثلثات فقط. فسالت رئيس قسمنا في جامعتي تخيل لو ان الادريسي كان حياً في زمننا الان ماذا كان صنع او اخترع؟؟

يعني بالعراقي
لو الادريسي هسة عايش اشجان سوة؟
فكلي جان تلكا عاف كلشي والتهة بالعيشة لو تلكا كاعد يبيع جكاير براس فرعكم.

وعليه هذه المدونات من الممكن ان تظهر افكار لمفكرين او مخترعين لم تراهم بسبب حجب المجتمع لهم وعدم اتاحة الفرصة لهم لنشر افكارهم او حتى قتل افكارهم بواسطة التحجيم والبحث وراء مطاليب الحياة اليومية.

تمنياتي بالتوفيق للاخ خالد
ولجميع المدونين العراقيين في كل اصقاع الارض المعمورة وغير المعمورة ايضاً.

البرجوازي العراقي

Khalid from said...

اخي الكريم البرجوازي اشكر لكم كل هذه السطور الجميلة التي تضيف وتكمل وتعطي الفرصة لمعرفة اشياء جديدة

اتمنى لكم ولجميع المدونين العراقيين النجاح والتوفيق مع الشكر والتقدير البالغين

seo said...

Thanks ... :)

التسويق الالكترونى
اشهار المواقع

entrümpelung wien said...

شكرا على الموضوع
entrümpelung wien

Anonymous said...

إن لم تكن ديناصوراً أكلتك الذئاب


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