Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eid Al-Adha and The Booming Iraqi Blogsphere!!! Part 1

Eid Al-Adha

Nadia at Art Tray is the first Iraqi blogger to celebrate Eid Al-Adha "Festival of Sacrifice" or "Greater Eid". She shows the following amazing art work:

Happy Eid Al-Adha to all the Iraqi people and their brothers,sisters and friends.

Nadia also in a recent post, talks about a good day for her floweres:

I was really excited that my flowers made it to my all time fav' blog (since I got into the blogging thing)Big thanks to {print and pattern} for having me on board, and for all the inspiration :)
Also my flowers made its way to a local publisher who used it for their theme {gardens of hope} In a local book fair... :)



Noor El Qamar is busy with the preperations for Eid AL-Adha:

We began the usual Eid preperations yesterday cleaning the entire house and also making Eid desserts. My sister and I helped our Mom make the kalicha an Iraqi dessert that your most likely going to find in every Iraqi house around Eid time:

Just be aware that the above Klaicha is taken from google images but it's Klaicha any way.


عالم المدونات العراقية المزدهر!!!
الجزء الاول

مدونات جديدة، قصص جادة واخرى طريفة، لوحات ومتابعات فنية، صور جميلة، شعر وجداني ، اخبار شخصية وغير ذلك من المواضيع التي لاشك تدل بوضوح على ازدهار عالم التدوين العراقي.

The Bomming Iraqi Blogsphere!!! Part 1

New blogs,serious and intersting stories, paintings and art reviews, pretty pictures, sentimental poetry, personal news and other topics which undoubtedly indicate clearly the booming and prosperity of the Iraqi blogosphere.

التهاني لجميع المدونين العراقيين

Congratulation to all the Iraqi bloggers.


Shams is back after a long disapperance and in a promising Arabic poetry writing.
شمس تعود بعد طول غياب وهذه المرة على هيئة شعر ينبض بعواطفها الجياشة والصاخبة في نفس الوقت وذلك من على صفحات مدونتها IntotheSun فتقول وهي تتحدى الرجال والاقدار:

مال....و إلتوى طريقي...
فسكبت قهوتي على جريدتي...
و قبلت كفي – وجه و قفا - لأحمد ربي
ها أنا في الحياة
و أتحدى الرجال
و الاقدار
و بصبغة قهوتي أرسم مستقبل الاوطاني
مجاهدة بحرية و اشرب كأسي لا أبالي
فكري نور طريقي
و في جوفي رسمت وردة بتصميمي
و سوف تبقى حية ترزق فماءها و شمسها من حناني
و إصراري...
لأعيش.....لأعيش و في جوفي وردة
و أنا إمرأة


Sandona in a thank declaration:

Thank you all, something you gave, so much could save.
Baba called us yesterday, the last medical report says that my mother is completely recovered..
Mama called us today, talked to everyone, I have not heard her voice for two months, things refused to strengthen the tongue to speak, but things finally have obeyed.
Thanks for everyone prayed for us, everyone thought of us, thanks for your support and encouragement. Thanks so much!

Sandona you know we all love you and we pray all the time to ALLLAH to bless you and your family.


Attawie in her way to meet up with her fiancé Khalid Jarar faced with a “unexpected” problem:

We were the only family there weighing our bags the woman on the counter said "you may leave to Amman but I'm afraid the old lady won't" We all had huge exclamation marks over our heads. She added "Her passport is an S"

It was an annoying experience overall, nevertheless, Attawie kept her smile:

Attawie was standing distributing smiling here and there and announcing "I'm the bride".

It seems the smiles succeed in putting a happy ending to the story and they all arrived happy and safe in Amman.



HNK these days, is called a Drug designer:

“You are a drug designer “she (Dr. Nehad) said this word in each times she entered the class, and with each time she went out..

It seems she's -as a pharmacy student - happy with the new nick name:

Pharmacy students = drug designer!! * Really nice*

HNK explains further:

I have been dreaming of being a house designer, a clothes designer, an artist. But I have never thought that in becoming a pharmacist I will be a drug designer!!


3eeraqimedic after preparing a Curtained pilau pie says:

There really is not better treatment for depression than inviting friends over for a meal.Like many of our traditional dishes this is a unique mixture of borrowed, adapted and improved.


Touta in an intersting story about her firts ever friend who happened to be an Iraqi Jew:

I was staring at a guy when the memory came flooding back. He gave me a smile, and i turned away, half trying to smile back, half not caring.
Why did I remember now?
It was 1995 perhaps, where i made my first friend- my first friend who wasn't part of my family.

Then she gets a wise declaration from her mum:

She laughed and told me..'as long as you're alive, and he's alive, you might see each other one day. Life is strange'.


These are a few of my favourite things and a sleepy child:

And also in the most recent post, we have a chance to see the following picture for a green autumn:


Mosel 4 All has some news:hello all of you, I miss the BLOG world and all my internet world it was very long time since I have write any post in my blogs. We had moved to new house and we still waiting till we get the internet service in our new house, the house is really comfort and every thing is elegant but we are facing problems with establishing net connection.

As to the study She announces herself as a half doctor:

this new year I become officially 1/2 doctor

She also describes the 3rd year of the Medical college:

this year (3rd stage at medical college) is so funny and I am enjoying my time in the college and in the hospital. We are learning how to get communication with patients and trying to relieve some of their pain by nice words and good treatment and in the same time try to rich the level of knowledge in which we can heal some one.

Baghdad Bacon & Eggs and a Bad Luck Tapping:

Seems as though this time of year can be just plain bad luck for me. Something I'll check by reviewing previous posts.

It could be due to the Drugs on the farm

I've been hearing about a flower that people plant for its nice smell and that is also a drug. This is the first one I've seen. There's a story of a little girl that ate some of these flowers and died. The farmer's could also be pulling my leg.

Well, If you love to get rid of your bad luck and if you don't want your leg to be pulled any further, just remove the poisonous plant.


Dr. Viola is BORN AGAIN:

My "this year" birthday was so special ! it's the first time i celebrate it without my family _haven't i say i'm adult now?!_after some days a freind of mine surprised me with a fantastic news , he has just had a baby sister and he named her as my name .... she has born nearly at the same day of mine , her name is the same and i feel part of me is there born with her....

Her current year is totally different:

every thing this year is different , me .. myself is different from head to toe

Happy Birthday Dr. Viola!!!


Saminkie at Skies has a book entitled "“The Jewish Market Quarter” by Jamal Abdul-Razaq Al Bedri:

“The Jewish Market Quarter” by Jamal Abdul-Razaq Al Bedri is not a novel, like the cover says, but is an autobiography of the writer who was born in Samarra early in this century in a Muslim family. He told us about his mother friend “Sit (=Teacher) Najeya” who is also their neighbor. Every time she visited them she would bring candies to the children who liked her very much. Sit Najeya and her family suddenly said one day that they would leave to Baghdad. They went in 1951 and never came back. They went to Israel because they were Jewish.

The book gives reasons for the departure of the Iraqi Jews:

The book didn’t tell us about the cause of the leaving but it is clear from other references: “Al Farhood” and the governmental new law of withdrawing the Iraqi nationality from all the Jews.


The Iraqi Future joins our list of Iraqi bloggers writing in English.He talks in his recent post about an old Kurdish friend:

When I was in elementary school, I had a friend called “Tawan.” Even thought Towan lived in Baghdad, he was Kurdish. He looked like a Kurd and spoke like one. I don’t remember anything about my friendship with Tawan other than playing soccer, walking down the streets of my neighborhood, and exchanging/ playing video games. Our parents became friends through us and they paid each other visits on regular basis. I had never heard them argue or fight about, Kurdish and Arab affairs. They drank tea, smoked cigarettes, and laughed loudly. I am not painting you a picture of a happy community, Tawan was actually my friend and years after, I still remember him while I have forgotten most of my friends from Baghdad.



البرجوازي العراقي said...

عيد سعيد للاخ خالد
وللدكتورة فيوليت

ولجميع قراء هذه المدونة
وقراء مدنة البرجوازي العراقي

وكل عام وانتم بخير

Khalid from said...

نعم ايها الاخ الفاضل البرجوازي العراقي ارددها معكم عيد سعيد لكم وللجميع اعاده الله عليكم وعلينا باليمن والبركة

مع الشكر والتقدير

Mister Ghost said...

No one is pulling Shaggy's leg about that plant.

As I commented over at Shaggy's

It's the Iraqi version of Jimson weed or Datura. It's very hallucinogenic but can be toxic to deadly depending on what part of the plant you use and how much you ingest.

DO NOT INGEST THE SEEDS, as they contain the highest concentration of the alkaloid hyoscine.

Some of the colonists at the Jamestown colony mistakenly ate the leaves like a salad and spent a week running around clucking like chickens. It was the first case of stoning in America. )))

Indian bandits used to use the seeds as part of a concoction to drug their hapless victims.

If you want to allegedly test the hallucinogenic qualities of the plant out, you should pick and dry the leaves and make a tea or inhale the smoke. Drying reduces
the potency of the plant's tropaine alkaloids.

Khalid from said...

Mister Ghost,

Thank you for your kind visit and also for your comment.

As to Shaggy's leg, well, my comment being made as a reflection to what Shaggy himself declared on his own blog:

"There's a story of a little girl that ate some of these flowers and died. The farmer's could also be pulling my leg."

So do you want to inform me not to take his heavy words for granted?

Thank you for all the information you provided here about the plant.

The fact that "It's very hallucinogenic but can be toxic to deadly " means he should remove it from his farm for the safety of the farmers and their families.


Mister Ghost said...

Actually Khalid,
I wanted to inquire as to what you mean by "Bomming"? Is it an Arabic word? Or, do you mean Bombing as in exploding or Booming as in proliferating? )))))))))

I will also proffer a critique of your site.

You are too sectarian and exclusionary. Why do you ignore mon petit papilon, Layla Anwar? One of the true stars of the Iraqi blogosphere, whether you agree with her or not (And I of course diverge from about 80 percent of her opinions). And never anything from Ladybird, even if she is an
atheist commie. ))))

And you are too polite and not witty enough.

And you don't flirt with the female Iraqi bloggers.

For instance, this Violet, she is a goddess from heaven, descended down to the earth. You need to talk her up, when doing a post about her.

Like this, "Violet, the most beautiful doctor-to-be in the land between the two rivers, recently attended an interesting class at her university. As usual, she didn't ride to the university, but flew there on a cloud with the angels."

And such a lack of snarkyness here.

Your blog is what is referred to as milquetoast or vanilla.

It needs some literary excitement. You and the angelic goddess Violet are too similar in style. You need an infusion from someone who can engage in hip, irreverent, and
witty repartee.

Khalid from said...

Mister Ghost,

Thank you for coming back here.

As to "Bomming", I'm sure you know that I meant booming.Did you not read the post? Did you not see the following:

and other topics which undoubtedly indicate clearly the booming and prosperity of the Iraqi blogosphere.

No need for you to to pretend that you don't know or to create something from nothing. It's a printing mistake and anyway thank you for your discovery.

We don't do politics here on this blog. We might but not here. This blog aimed to bring Iraqis together and not to split them. That's why we don't have certain blogs because there are either too extreme, too controversial or not compatible with our culture and tradition.

As to "And you are too polite and not witty enough.And you don't flirt with the female Iraqi bloggers."

Well, to be honest with you, I'll try to be polite with you so I just say it's not your business to impose on me whatever you think is good for yourself and your crowd.I'm a man of my own destiny and characters and happy as I'm.I won't say more this time.

I wonder why did you change the topic?!I directed a question to you in relation to Shaggy's plant but may be you think that the life of a little innocent Iraqi girl and the safety of the farmers and their families are not that important.


نوفل said...

thank you very much
to add me and my poem
"الدنيا الحزينة"

عيدكم مبارك ولو متأخرة
ولكني لم أعلم بهذا البوست الى اليوم

عمل جميل بالتوفيق

Entrümpelung wien said...

شكرا لكم ..))

seo said...

Thanks ... :)

التسويق الالكترونى
اشهار المواقع

Räumung said...

موفقيييييييييين .... اختيار موفق :)

Räumung Wien
entsorgung wien

entrümpelung wien said...

شكرا على الموضوع
entrümpelung wien

Entrümpelung Wien said...

مشكوررررر .. موضوع ممتاز جدااا .

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