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Sunday's Terrorist Attacks + Abbassian Vicious attack and more from the Iraqi Blogsphere

Firts of all, I would like to thank my honorable colleague Dr. Viola for minding the blog during my month holiday.


Sunday's terrorist attacks on our beloved capital, Baghdad, got the attention of some Iraqi bloggers. They are Sandybelle, Last of Iraqis, Baghdad Dentist, and Iraqi Mojo.

It's so painful whenever there's innocent people losing their lives due to the incompatibilities and ineffectiveness of the security forces in our country Iraq . Don't blame the terrorists because they are brainless killers so the blame should be directed toward the security forces for their continuous failure to protect our people.

May ALLAH accept the people who we lost in these attacks and other similar barbaric attacks among his martyrs and give the wounded a speedy recovery


Abbas Hawazin conducting a vicious attack on the Iraqi blogsphere:

It doesn't deserve to be called a blogosphere anymore, it's more of a bogosphere, whenever I get the urge to scribble about anything, and I start wrestling with words on the draft page

Abbas blames the Iraqi bloggers for his failure to produce:

I get to take a look at what the bogosphere is being occupied with at the moment and a quiet sigh of shame results in my hitting the delete button faster than you could say...[creative burnout]

He goes on describing the new Iraqi bloggers:

a huge saccharine patch of what I could only describe as bland filler, the technology seems to have finally caught up with a new swath of Iraqis, those johnny-come-latelys mostly blog in Arabic, and are just as chaotic as you'd expect any honest-to-Rafidain Iraqis to be.

Then he talks about indexing service:

it's funny, the Iraqi Blogosphere now has four index services (five, if you count Jeffrey et CMAR's defunct blog, another sign of the hallowed halls of dud it had become) but absolutely no content to show for all that indexing, that's why I've lost interest

Abbas doesn't spare anything including the awards:

I think I'm annoyed because I seem to view this from a sort of authoritative point of view, those people are boring, but they're dilligent, they want to conquer our realm with their reviews, indexes and awards.

Needless to say that Abbas is fully entitled to his views on the Iraqi blogsphere even if they contradict those of many Iraqi bloggers.Myself, I believe strongly that the Iraqi blogsphere is healthy and alive and there are a lot of good bloggers out there.

I have to say that to get the attention of the international media is not always a sign of strength. Most of the time they are looking for crisis and problems and if they are not there, it may be a sign of improvement in the situation of our country.

If you are a good doctor you won't stop treating your patients just because your colleagues are bad doctors.The fact of the matter here is that Abbas is so busy with other important things which preventing him from continuing blogging on a much regular basis.

Abbas you need to back off a bit because there is an enormous wealth in friendships that we all must know.If your colleagues are too weak and lacking the skills to compete globally then I wonder why you don't help them? Surely they are not looking for money, just use your gifted skills to show us some good quality posts that are not controversial.

I have to say that by creating the Iraqi blog update, we're not looking to have power of any kind. All what we want here is to to promote peace, love and harmony among all Iraqi people and in particular the community of the Iraqi bloggers.

The award has nothing to do with any imposed or stolen authorization of any sort.In actual fact, I asked many collagues to be in charge of the award, unfortunately, they either apologized or didn't even send a reply.However, I should explain that the award is a simple way to say thank you to our colleagues who are trying their best to post some thing which is of value and useful for all of us.


These are a few of my favourite things is out with friends after which she posts the following beautiful picture:


HNK and her current academic year:

Third stage in Pharmacy college seems bretty much better than the second stage with it's more interesting subjects and better teachers. But I still have that problem with a douzen of unread lectures waiting to be studied..


Sami at Skies has an intersting interview with Jack Abboudi Shabi, the Iraq first psychiatrist.The interview was originally conducted in 1957 and I picked from it the following quotes:

The doctor came back to Iraq in 1934, and the patients, were under the mercy of Sheikhs like Al Tuayjuri and Sheik Gumar, who were treating their patients with violent hitting, because they believed that the illness is caused by a Jenni inside the patients body

In 1964 an iraqi doctor named Najeeb Al Yakoubi had done the first operation in brain in Iraq and in all the Middle East and that was by cutting the nerve fibers that connect the emotion centre to the brain cortex

Doctor Jack Aboudi then opened a subject rarely opened by other doctors and that was when he started talking about the Associations and the doctor raises a question why don’t we in Iraq start an association of mental illness prevention?

I asked him another question:
Who are affected more with mental illnesses men or women?
He answered: women… due to social causes related to culture and tranditions, and in many times the women is affected by a mental illness during pregnancy and delivery.


Mosul 4 all blog has started working in the hospital:

This week was amazing I went to Ibn Sina hospital in mosul (General hospital) to take history from some patients and communicate with them.

She also bought "a really good new stethoscope from MDF for a 20$":


It's the birthday of Micho:


Happy Birthday Micho.We wish you a happy life full of adventures together with your husband.


Hammorabi posts about the message of Islam:

Islam shows you the perfect path for happiness and satisfaction. The highest relation set up by Islam is that one which is between you and the Lord of the universe. By Islam you learn how to contact Him at any time and how to achieve His response to your requests. If you are unwell He will listen to your prayers and if you need Him to give you salvation and comfort from any problem or misery or difficulty He will be there for you in Islam at any time and any place. Islam shows you how to come closer to Allah so that He will even become closer to you than your own self!

He continues by saying:

Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him and his family) is the comforter that Jesus (Peace be upon Him) mentioned and requested us to follow him. He was selected by Allah to deliver the highest values for mankind. It is all in the Holy Quran so you just need to read it.


Touta outlines the type of Iraqi relationships:

1. No Pain, No Gain:
this relationship is basically a guy and a girl becoming girlfriend and boyfriend. Don't get too excited though, this relationship is usually one sided.

2.Sexy Time:
This relationship usually revolves around...well, lust. This is almost the rarest type of relationship (suprise suprise). This relationship is usually initiated by the guy, and rarely involves each side talking to each other normally.

3.Familiar Friends:
This relationship is a friendship between iraqi guys and girls. It will be full of hypocrisy as the guy in this relationship will always be judgemental and at times tyrranical.

4.Marry me!
This is a relationship that involves each side shyly getting to know one another. It then follows by underhand glances, and engagement, and then marriage. It mainly involves a lukewarm passion, based on a foundation of appreciation of one another.

This is the rarest rarest type of relationship between guys and gals. Even rarer than the sex relationship. In this type of relationship, neither guy or girl will have to think about what they're doing with the other..i.e. they can be completely themselves without any barriers. Of course Love exists in different ways, and so the outcome of this relationship also depends on the type of Love involved.

In order to be taken into account, I think such findings and conclusions should be resulted from a scientific study that includes a survey of hundreds if not thousnads of people from different geographical, social, and cultural backgrounds who are engaged in relationship.


Attawie is very excited after the birth of her niece:

I can't wait to see my niece!
She's a cutie. I love her already.
My sister and her baby are both in good health alhamdulillah.

Attawie also announces her name:

It took them 24 hours to give her a name! and what a lovely name; Lean, Leann, Leeann, Lee Anne. still not sure of the spelling.

Only 24 hours?! That's a record low, some times it takes weeks.



3eeraqimedic writes about referees:

The need for referees for every new job proved over the years to be the most effective way of silencing any possible complaints against all manner of bullying and harassment from senior consultants, until eventually having worked in so many centres we had amassed a number of names from whom to choose.

She concludes by diclaring "the most difficult question we face?":

Who can we safely ask to be our referees?


Thoughts from Baghdad as he remembers his life in Baghdad:

I left Baghdad and the tutoring job, with Firas being engaged and considering applying for his TOEFLs to study abroad. I later found out that he made it to the Sorbonne for his PhD (don't know in what field). But I also found out that his family received a special visa to travel to the States. And his mom found her death, not in bloody Baghdad but in bloody NY


Baghdad's Kassakhoon posts in relation to the new government in the Iraqi Kurdistan region:

Iraq's former deputy prime minister, Dr. Barham Salih and his 20-Minister Cabinet sworn in today before the parliament of the self-ruled northern Kurdish region as the region's sixth government since 1992.


Noor el Qamar and her favourit song "I wanna live in a land called paradise" as she gives the following introductory explanation:

It's the story of my life this song, it's the reason I keep living in this strange earth we have between the people I love and those I just can't understand....the tears the smiles the memories the love the hate the crimes and the fate..............

Then you have the chance to hear the song and read the lyrics as you listen:

I won't cry over a world that can't change my life/I put my money on what lies ahead in paradise...I wanna live in a land called paradise/I wanna go to the valley of the King/ I wanna live in a land called paradise/wanna see the birds fly/and I wanna hear the angels sing....


Nadia is gone on a mini vacation and will be back in two weeks time leaving behind a nice piece of art for us:

She hopes that:

this short break will be inspirational.
Packed with new bright ideas and subjects…

Nadia, Have a nice holiday full of joy!!!


Marsho commemorates the annevirsary of her mother on her blog and gives some very important advice to everybody:

If your MOM is still alive, don't upset her!

She calls on her mother by saying:

Mom, once I got an email regarding my flight to the States I can't tell you how confused and sad I was! I should have been happy instead knowing that I will reunite with my husband after all but believe me it was like some one was stabbing my heart with a dagger. I realized that I would not be able to visit your grave whenever I want to! At that day to be exact I decided to go and visit the grave for the last time :(

May Allah bless her soul in peace.


Son of Tigris is promoting friendship:

Heading to the gym? Well, don’t forget to take along your friend, for a new study has claimed that exercising with a partner boosts weight loss. To reach that conclusion, Professor Shiriki Kumanyika and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, conducted the two-year trial. The study included 344 men and women.

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”


Iraqi Mojo talks about UN investigates "foreign involvement" in terrorism in Iraq":

Four years after it was determined that half of suicide bombers in Iraq are Saudi and most enter Iraq via Damascus, a "U.N. special envoy has met with top Iraqi officials to discuss government complaints of outside involvement in the recent wave of terrorism. Official figures, just released, show the number of terror casualties doubled for the month of October.

He explains:

Iraqi officials are praising the mission of U.N. envoy Oscar Fernandez-Taranco to Baghdad to investigate allegations of foreign involvement in recent bloody suicide bombings. Taranco's arrival follows lengthy lobbying by the government to hold an independent international inquiry.


Ikram Kurdi at Quran Club in an [Plato quote]:

I like this quote.
It is not just you and I
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."-Plato.


جديد المدونات العراقية بين هجومين احدهما ارهابي والآخر عباسي مع اخبار اخرى متفرقة

باديء ذي بدء لابد لي من شكر زميلتي الفاضلة الدكتورة فيولا على عنايتها بهذا الموقع طيلة الشهر الماضي خلال غيابي في عطلتي السنوية.


مرة اخرى تتعرض بغداد الحبيبة الى عمل ارهابي وحشي غادر ذهب ضحيته المئات من ابناء شعبنا الابرياء ولابد من القول ان الاجهزة الامنية تتحمل مسؤولية هذا الفشل المتواصل في حماية المواطن العراقي المغلوب على امره.
رحم الله شهدائنا واسكنهم الجنة ودعائنا الصادق لجرحانا بالشفاء العاجل والخزي والعار والنار للارهابيين القتلة.

شن الاخ عباس هوازن هجوما قاسياً غير مبرر على زملائه من المدونين العراقيين وبلا شك فانه حر في طرح ارائه ولكن الحقيقة ان كثيراً من المدونين العراقيين لايوافقونه ارائه هذه.ولقد كتبت رداً مفصلاً على ما كتبه في القسم الانكليزي اعلاه ولااريد تكرار كل شيء ولكني اود القول اني اؤمن ايماناً راسخاً بان عالم التدوين العراقي ينبض بالحياة وبصحة عالية حيث ان هناك العديد من المدونين المبدعين في الساحة يتمتعون بالكفاءة والمقدرة.

ومادام الحديث بيننا كعراقيين فاني اود ان اقولها صادقاً وباللهجة العراقية المحببة اي عباس انت متكلي شخسران نفط بنزين اشو كوكل ماادري غوغل ليل ونهار تكول تعالوا شخبطوا وخربطوا على راحتكم يعني منو يصدك انت مسوي اضراب عن الكتابة يابة شنو الموضوع؟ عيني مو غير عباس يكول صارت كلمن الة ياهو اليجي وسوالة مدونة!
عجيب اي شكو بيهة الحركة بركة والناس احرار ولقد قال عز من قائل:

(اما الزبد فيذهب جفاء واما ما ينفع الناس فيمكث في الارض)

وهنا لابد لي من التوضيح اننا هنا في هذه المدونة لانسعى لاي من الماديات الزائلة حيث ان الهدف الوحيد هو اشاعة السلم والمحبة بين المدونين العراقيين وعموم ابناء الشعب العراقي.

يبقى موضوع الجائزة الذي يحتاج الى شيءٍ من التوضيح حيث انها فقط تمثل تثميناً وتقديراً وشكراً لجهود زملائنا من الذين يسعون الى كتابة شيء ذو قيمة وفائدة لنا جميعاً والباب مفتوح للجميع للاشراف بشكل كامل على عملية تقديم الجائزة للمواضيع الشهرية الفائزة.

والله الموفق


الرسامة العراقية المبدعة ميس الخالدي في عمل فني جميل يحمل اسم تارا


يوميات مغتربة و كلمات اعجبتها ودعتها للتفكير :

"المستقبل لا يعلمه إلا الله، وهو وحده يكشفه، في ظروف غير عادية. ولكن كيف يمكنني التنبؤ بالمستقبل؟ بفضل إشارات الحاضر. ففي الحاضر يكمن السر، وإذا تنبهت إلى حاضرك، أمكنك جعله أفضل مما هو عليه. ومتى حسَّنت الحاضر، فإن ما يأتي، بعد ذلك، يكون أفضل أيضاً. إنس المستقبل، وعش كل يوم من حياتك وفق أحكام الشريعة، متكلاً على رحمة الله بعباده، فكل يوم يحمل الأبدية في صميمه".
الخيميائي – باولو كويلو


الرسامة هند تستمر قدماً في عرض اللوحات الفنية وذلك من موقعها الالكتروني ومنها هذه اللوحة للفنان جيرمي مان :


رؤى تشكيلية والرسامة رؤى البازركان في سمفونية الالوان الصاخبة:


د. وجدان الخشاب وحكاية "الكاهنة تُؤشِّرُ" حيث تختمها بقولها:

الكاهنة لملمت بخورها ... أحجارها ... كتيباتها المصفرّة .. روائح النهرِ .. رؤاه... رؤاها ... خبأتها في دولابٍ لم تعرف الشمس طريقاً لكشف خباياه ... أقفلته لعل ذاكرتها تفرغَ تماماً ... فينتهي ليلها النهاري بنداءٍ مدوٍّ يخترق الفضاءات ترددهُ السمكة مع (فانون) :
أترى ؟
أصبحت الثورة ضرورية وممكنة في عالمٍ (ي) بات يعي أنّه ليس أمامه ما يخسره غير أغلالهِ


ايفان الدراجي تكتب عن:

شعب من المخلوقات المتناهية الصغر يدعى الـ " هو – " تعيش على ذرّة غبار داخل زهرة!

ولتنطلق مسرعة في تخيلاتها:

ماذا لو كنّا نحن الـ " بشر – human beings" نعيش حقا على ذرّة غبار داخل زهرة ما..
من الذي يحملنا؟
من الذي يحمينا؟
متى صرخنا معلنين عن وجودنا؟؟


الباحث أمير جبار الساعدي من على الروح العراقية

يواصل الكتابة عن القانون الدولي الإنساني وهنا فانه يتصدى للاجابة على سؤال مهم جد يتعلق بموقف اللجنة الدولية للصليب الأحمر من التعذيب والمعاملة السيئة

ترفض اللجنة الدولية استعمال التعذيب وغيره من أشكال المعاملة السيئة في جميع الأحوال.وتؤمن اللجنة الدولية بأن احترام الحياة والكرامة الإنسانية يتعارض مع أي تبرير للمعاملة السيئة.
وتلك هي الحجج التي تستند إليها اللجنة الدولية في تبرير موقفها:
* ينتهك التعذيب والمعاملة السيئة أبسط مبادئ الإنسانية واحترام الحياة والكرامة الإنسانية، وهي مبادئ يتعيّن الحفاظ عليها في جميع الأوقات.
* التعذيب والمعاملة السيئة محظوران في كل مكان وفي جميع الأوقات. ويعد ذلك أحد الخصائص الأكثر كونية للقانون الدولي والقوانين الوطنية على السواء.
* إن المعاناة الناجمة عن التعذيب وغيره من ضروب المعاملة السيئة قد تترتب عليها اضطرابات عميقة لدى الضحايا ربما استمرت لسنوات. وقد ينتج عن الضرر البدني والنفسي الناجم عن ذلك احتياج الضحية لإعادة تأهيل على المدى الطويل.
* يُرَجّح أن تتضرّر الصورة الدولية للدولة التي تلجأ للمعاملة السيئة، على النحو الذي يؤثر سلباً على مصداقيتها وقدرتها على الانخراط في علاقات مع الدول الأخرى.
* إن التعذيب وغيره من ضروب المعاملة السيئة قد يحدّ من رغبة السكان في التعاون مع السلطات. بل إن اللجوء إلى سوء المعاملة ربما أضعف في الحقيقة أولئك الذين يمارسونه عن طريق إثارة السخط لدى أولئك الذين كان يراد احتواؤهم.
* من شأن أي استعمال للتعذيب وغيره من ضروب المعاملة السيئة أن يؤدي إلى تآكل تحريمه على نحو يمكن أن يترتب عليه شيوع استعماله أكثر.


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