Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tuesday's Terrorist Attacks + The Best Iraqi Post Award for the Month Novembr 2009

Tuesday's terrorist attacks on our beloved capital, Baghdad, gets the attention of some Iraqi bloggers. They are Inside Iraq, Iraq Pundit , Last of Iraqis, and briefly Iraqi Mojo.

Again many innocent people lost their lives due to the ineffectiveness of the security forces in our country Iraq .Surely we should n't blame the terrorists because they are brainless killers so the real blame must be directed toward the security forces for their continuous failure to protect our people.

May ALLAH Bless all our martyrs who we lost in these attacks and other similar barbaric attacks.

May Allah also heal the wounded and punish the evil people


It's a pleasure to present the Best Iraqi Post Award for the month November 2009 to Morbido for her following post:

Off the Market... for good!

It's an intersting post in which she nicely -like a skilled footballer- declared her engagement:

Now I have a ten-day holiday: four days for Eid, and six days are my off days before and after Eid... So nice!! Now this is a much needed holiday, because.... now here's the big news...... I got engaged!! And my engagement party was just yesterday.

Morbido you deserve the Best Iraqi Post Award for the month November 2009 not only for your writing skills but also because we the Iraqis in need for happiness that gives us hope in this difficult time.

May ALLAH Bless You and Your Fiancé and give you both a lifetime of happiness.

There is a need to mention the fact that yay :D, a post written by Attawie and Khalid Jarar and Morbido's Off the Market... for good! are -based on the record- the two best posts for October and November 2009.You see that they are both engagement related posts belong to two friends Attawie and Morbido.They have met during their college time in Baghdad and got engaged during the very same month November 2009!





Morbido Best Wishes and we hope sooner that you will be in the Golden Cage-Congratulations for the month post!
Thak you Khaled for good news all the time.

Khalid from said...

Thank you so much brother for your kind words and the reality we're trying our best to be positive.



Entrümpelung wien said...

شكرا لكم ..))

seo said...

Thanks ... :)

التسويق الالكترونى
اشهار المواقع

Räumung said...

موفقيييييييييين .... اختيار موفق :)

Räumung Wien
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entrümpelung wien said...

شكرا على الموضوع
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