Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm back but not totally back!!!

I did n't intend to disappear, for which I'm sorry, but the reality I went again to my country Iraq in relation to my study and when I returned I found myself making a trip to Bahrain, Syria and Lebanon as part of my job. Now, I arrived back here but only to face such a huge backlog of work in my PhD study that I need some way of addressing it sooner and not later.

I'm back but not totally back because I need to look after my study and also my work. Therefore, I will try to find a compromised solution that will give me some space to blog on and visit other blogs.

I will take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and in particular to all the friends who asked about me.

Thank you all!


Sandybelle said...

ammu i wish you a very good luck with your study and work.
Dont worry, we all will be fine, just pray for us, and absolutely we will pray for you!!


Khalid from said...

Dear Sandona,

Thank you for your honest words that are coming from your kind heart.

No doubt I pray for you not only to be successful all the time but also to have a nice house + some money and every thing good today and everyday.


attawie said...

Thanks for coming back and updating us. alhamdulillah for your safety. All the best with your study.

I can understand what does it mean because I'm still struggling with my thesis.
بالتوفيق ان شاء الله

Khalid from said...

Thank you so much aiater for your visit and kind wishes.I pray for yourself and myself to get success in the study.

وكلي دعاء لكم ايتها الاخت عطاء ان يسدد الله تعالى نحو النجاح خطاكم

مع الشكر والاحترام

Touta said...

welcome back!

and good luck on your thesis and phD!

Khalid from said...

Dear Touta,

Thank you so much for your kind wishes and no doubt I pray for your success + Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.


This comment has been removed by the author.

Dear Khalid,
It's our pleasure to hear that you work hard and struggling to achieve your goals in your work and PhD, at last it's our country and our people they get the benefit from your success.
Best Wishes

البرجوازي العراقي said...

حمد الله عل سلامة اشتاقينالك والله

يعني بديت بدراسة الدكتوراه حتى من هسه نصيحلك دكتور؟

هاي التقليد الاجتماعي بالكلية مالتي هيجي بس نبدي بالدكتوراه راسا نبدي نكول دكتور.

البرجوازي العراقي

JG said...

Best wishes, Khalid.

Khalid from said...

Dear Ameer,

Thank you for your very kind wishes and no doubt I wish you every success in your good work.


Khalid from said...

اخي الفاضل البرجوازي العراقي مع الاحترام

اشكر لكم كلماتكم الطيبةومشاعركم الاخوية الصادقة والحقيقة اني لازلت في الايام الاولى من دراستي وامامي مسيرة شاقة ولكني مسلح بالارادة والتصميم انشاء الله

مع الشكر والتقدير

Khalid from said...

Dear JG,

Thank you so much for your kind visit and wishes.

I hope you get happiness and success in your life.


Entrümpelung wien said...

شكرا لكم ..))

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Wohnungsräumung Wien said...

شكرا لكم ..دائما موفقين..))

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seo said...

Thanks ... :)

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موفقيييييييييين .... اختيار موفق :)

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اساحبى said...

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شكرا على الموضوع ....))
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