Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Iraqi Blogsphere is alive

There are a lot of activities happening on the Iraqi blogs that include not only many valuable posts but also enjoyable commenting discussions. That should make us all happy and proud.Therefore, I have to say, the Iraqi blogsphere is fully alive and showing healthy sign of growth that Abbas Howazin declatred at the Iraqi Blog Count:

So many new blogs, we need to hire somebody


Abbas Howazin also published on his blog an interesting picture for the hands of a hard working Iraqi Woman. Please have a look and don't forget to read the comments as well:

Interesting Iraq Photo Of The Day


Touta published her account of a recent incident which got her in a face-to-face arguments with a group of Iraqi policemen. The focus was Touta's human rights:

Die Polizei in Irak

Touta the brave and clever Iraqi blogger should have our support because it's only these strong stands that'll make the change for good in our country.


Nibras kazimi at the talisman gate is busy writing about:

Arabs and Kurds, and Emma Sky

So If you need to know Nibras's views about Emma just go there.

The IraqPundit also giving his views about the dispute in the north:

Iraq's North


Mhmd has received a vicious attack from touta for the personal views about Iraqi girls that he has published in his recent post.To be honest, I don't blam touta for her reaction.In actual fact I admire Touta when she has the rage of our nation.Mhmad is new to the Iraqi culture and needs to be given time to understand the culture and the tradition of our society.Please be patient with him:

street wise


Micho has published some of her war memories:

Bad memories about war

Micho have lost some of her loved ones so please have a look and show you love to her.


Attawie is asking you all the following question:

Tell Me Why

A very intersting YouTube video so have a look and try to address the question.


Eye raki is in Diwaniya city exploring the link between:

Dogs & Politics

I should say that you could measure the civilisation of a nation by assessing the way it treats animals and in particular cats, dogs and donkies.


If you need to know more about weapons trade in America then the Iraqi Mojo is your place:

Guns in America


Noor el Qamar put an emotional poem about her best friend so read carefully every line to understand what it means:

My new best friend


Layla Anwar from the Arab Woman Blue, woke up with a wonderful feeling this morning. To know the reasons click at:

Against All Odds...


We (Touta, Jeffrey and myself) were involved last night in a late lively discussion about writing an Iraqi sictom and here are three proposed outlines:

I've outlined the plot already:
blonde (dyed) iraqi girl has to relocate to the marsh due to lack of living space in baghdad. There she falls in love (awww) and then suddenly goes blind (another awww). But love conquers all and through funny mishaps and heart wrenching scenes, she regains her sight, marries said love of life, and lives happily ever after.
Oh, and she visits the church, oops, Mosque every friday, where gossip is handed out, and she politely interacts with society.
Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be sued?

Touta, How about this idea for a sitcom called "Welcome Back, Khalid." Khalid and his family flee Baghdad for security reasons and then return a few years later only to find another family living in his house. Instead of asking the family to leave, they decide to join both families together, one Shia family and one Sunni family (kind of like "The Brady Bunch").
When the Shia kids spill juice on the floor, the Sunni father smiles and pokes fun at the Shia Dad, "Hey, can't you teach your Persian kids any manners!" Then there's the old grandmother in the corner in full burka whom the kids keep trying to sit on because they think she's an armchair (cue laugh-track).

Jeffrey, Shia Kids and Sunni father!
I don't fancy these names. We're all Iraqis. May be as a play it could teach people some thing about the strenght of togetherness. However, I started to write the firts lines of the Iraqi sitcom. The events supposed to take place between the Marshes and Al-Karada in Baghdad and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Touta'll have the power to change and add the spicy stuff.

If you would like to read the details of this discussion then click at:

The Iraqi Sitcom


For those who're feeling bored, you could go to the Iraqi Maqam and listen to some classical maqam sung by the voice of:

Najm al-Sheikhli



moonlight said...

Thanks for talking about my blog Khalid.... there have been many intresting intrperpritations of my poem may I ask why you think it's emotional? I guess the writer writes and all interpret :P.

Khalid from said...


Thank your for your kind visit.

Most poems (old or new, including your poem) talk about a narrative of emotions. They could easily move from a mood to another having just one or different tones of voice arranged in a particular order to tell a particular emotional story. Always there is an emotional drama shown out from the start of the poem to the end in order to conclude making some emotional resolutiosn and as such I found your poem based on the series of the dramatic events, an emotional one.

Don't forget we have the time project and I'll write it together with your help when I finish, in co-operation with Touta, the Iraqi sitcom.

Take care,


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