Thursday, April 23, 2009

Khalid Ibrahim from Al Wak Wak island!

I spent few nights in touta's hotel and I enjoyed the stay in the room which has a democratic balcony and a beautiful view.During the stay, the talks started very nicely and touta was extremely helpful and went out of her way to accommodate the conflicting needs of her residents coming from the 5 continents.

I have to say that, tuata is a real domcrat and has the ability to accommadate any discussion.There is no any limitation whatsoever in her hotel on views expressed by the residents. However, in the last night of my stay, some residants insisted on raising issues that had already been buried or settled in the past, and subsequently pillows & shoes- fights erupted all along the single corridor.The fights continued into the early hours of the morning. It was not beneficial to anybody, so I decided to leave for a week or so to Al Wak Wak island to get some rest.

To know the full story, please have a look at

Decide 'dear'.


On my arriavl in Al Wak Wak island I herd the sad news of the two suicide attaccks.

One of the attacks occurred near Muqdadiya, 80 km northeast of Baghdad, in the volatile province of Diyala. The suicide bomber targeted a group of Iranian pilgrims in a crowded roadside restaurant at lunchtime.

The other attack took place in central Baghdad, at Aqaba Ibn Nafe'a square, as a group of Iraqi national police were distributing relief supplies to displaced families driven from their homes at the height of the violence.At least five children and two Red Crescent workers were among the dead. Some witnesses said the bomber was a woman walked in with a little girl holding the woman's hand.

The next day 24th of April, the sad news continued, two suicide bombers wearing explosive vests blew themselves up at the gates of the Imam Moussa al-Kadhim shrine in the neighbourhood of Kadhimiya in Baghdad.

No any innoccent life should be killed in this barbric way or in any other way. It's so inhuman and it's the worst type of crime ever committed in the history of Iraq. They are, in their brutality, beyond any classification. I hope that peace in my beloved country Iraq will be restored through dialogues and the Iraqis, who have seen far too many tragedies, will find a way out of this difficult time.It's so bad that the killing is continuous in our country. The terrorists should be stopped and all the Iraqis, without any tiny discrimination, should be united to rebuild Iraq.

May Allah accept all the innocent victims, who lost their lives, among his martyrs in paradise and give speedy recovery to the wounded people

Few Iraqi bloggers wrote about these terrorist attacks.It seems that Mohamad and his friend were not far from the attack that took place in central Baghdad. He was shocked and his friend was busy making calls to assure his family and his friends that he's ok. Please read more at:


The Iraqi Mojo is asking this question:

Do humans get any more jarab than Ba3thi and Wahhabi jarab? I don't think so.

For more information please click at:

Dozens of apostates killed today


Noor el Qamar has put up a recent post entitled, Time, which encouraged me to finally post this entry about time.

I have found myself allways questioning the meaning of Time?

What's the nature of time?
Could we stop it?
Could we slowing down time or speeding it up?
What'll hapen when the value of time becomes equal to zero?

Also, I got the idea that if it's always possible to devide any thing we know such as iron, wood or air, then another question will arise which is: could we also devide the current time (say 2009 just for argument's Sake) into two parts, one represnts the past and the other part goes to the future?

I have to remind you about an obvious fact that we can n't divide time using a knife. What we need is a time travel-machine to start our unimaginable trip

This's the time when we all have to be ready to begin the adventure of exploring the past and the future times. I would like to ask you all, If you divided your current time, to which years you would like to travel and why?Obviously, you need to know history very well in order to travel to the most excited years in the history of mankind


Some Time Quotes

Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute.
By Edgar Allan Poe / Lets forgeive and love each other.

A day wasted on others is not wasted on one's self.
By Charles Dickens / Surely, it's not.

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.
By Henry David Thoreau / If time could be -peacefully- equal to zero then eternity should n't be injured.

An inch of time cannot be bought with an inch of gold.
Chinese Proverb / It's true.

Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.
By Leonardo Da Vinci / Always there's enough time to do what you want.

Time will explain it all. He is a talker, and needs no questioning before he speaks.
By Euripides / What's the link between time and history?

Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time.
By T. S. Elliot / Not at all.

Times don't change. Men do.
By Sam Levenson / What about women?

To fill the hour - that is happiness.
By Ralph Waldo Emerson / To be busy doing some thing useful in your time should be happiness.

To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing.
By Eva Young / People need deeds and not talks.

I remain optimistic that we can turn things around, but I think we've got much less time than I thought to ensure our survival.
By Tim Flanneryhp / The time is limited and the task is so difficult but we remain optimistic that we will survive.


"A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes" is a popular science book written by world-famous cosmologist at Cambridge university, Stephen Hawking, and first published in 1988.The book addressed many important questions such as:

"Where do we come from? How did the universe begin? Why is the universe the way it is? How will it end?"

The following are three intersting paragraphs taken from this famous book:

"All my life, I have been fascinated by the big questions that face us, and have tried to find scientific answers to them. If, like me, you have looked at the stars, and tried to make sense of what you see, you too have started to wonder what makes the universe exist. The questions are clear, and deceptively simple. But the answers have always seemed well beyond our reach. Until now.

"The ideas which had grown over two thousand years of observation have had to be radically revised. In less than a hundred years, we have found a new way to think of ourselves. From sitting at the center of the universe, we now find ourselves orbiting an average-sized sun, which is just one of millions of stars in our own Milky Way galaxy. And our galaxy itself is just one of billions of galaxies, in a universe that is infinite and expanding. But this is far from the end of a long history of inquiry. Huge questions remain to be answered, before we can hope to have a complete picture of the universe we live in.

"I want you to share my excitement at the discoveries, past and present, which have revolutionized the way we think. From the Big Bang to black holes, from dark matter to a possible Big Crunch, our image of the universe today is full of strange sounding ideas, and remarkable truths. The story of how we arrived at this picture is the story of learning to understand what we see."


Touta said...

wak wak island is probably the best place to escape to when you need time, i hope you're relaxing there. :)

I loved the quotes, and time is very important, one of my favourite quotes about time is
-الوقت كالسيف إن لم تقطعه قطعك


JG said...

However, in the last night of my stay, some residants insisted on raising issues that had already been buried or settled in the past, and subsequently pillows & shoes- fights erupted all along the single corridor--

:) Guilty as charged, your honour!

Khalid from said...


It's Khalid from Al Wak Wak. Thanks for your kind visit and I'm ok here, but sad for the many inoccent people we have lost in Iraq during the last few days.

I'm happy that you loved the time quotes and I'm sure you will make the best out of your current time.

I'll visit the hotel very soon!


You are welcome here all the time and I tried my best to be objective in my description of the pillows & shoes fights.


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