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Ramdan Unites Us and other news from the Iraqi Blogsphere

Sandybell describes An Iraqi way to celebrate RAMADAN. She starts with a fantastic poster that says "Ramdan unites us" which is totally true. Sandy explains the iraqi traditions in RAMADAN showing lot of nice pictures. All in all it's a very powerful post that will make any Iraqi proud and glad.We should always call for unity and work hard to build bridges of love and understanding between all the people of Iraq.

Have a look at this fantastic poster:

Then enjoy watching our beautiful date-palm trees:

You may also look at Al-Bryani which Sandona describes it as " one of the best Iraqi meals". She learnt to prepare it very recently:

The last thing is to repeate with Sandona:

"Our love is Iraq"

Thank you Sandona and surely you have the blessing of ALLLAH in your efforts to unite the Iraqis.


Abbas Hawazin at Catharsis is busy discussing an angry-arab in what he called an angry arab way:

Angry Arab can provide solid insights at times, I especially endorse his war against Liberalwahabism, but his problem is that he sometimes looks too judgingly at other people's writings to whine about perceieved racism and ignorance, it often turns to be childish and obnoxious, especially when he commits that unavoidable human mistake himself, AbuKhalil thinks he knows everything about the Arab masses to condemn Westerners when they write something utterly preposterous and ignorant, but that is far from the truth. His major problem is that he thinks the whole [Arab] world must revolve around Palestine


Healing Iraq has put for sale a high-detail tribal maps:

I have customized, high-detail maps of tribal groups and clans in Iraq and neighboring border areas for sale to researchers. There are several hundred different clans depicted on the map.Contact me for pricing and availability.


Iraqi Shots by Dr.Violet and Mosul Sunset:


Mosul 4 all blog talks about the start of schools in Iraq:

schools in Iraq will start inThis year 2009 schools will start on 27/09/2009 this means after the EAD with few days.

Then the problem of escaping from shcool is addressed:

Many kids facing problems with return to school after summer holiday and they refuse to study or to go to school.
What can we do to face kids to go to school? This is difficult question and might moms and dads can answer us.

And a question is directed to everybody:

Are you facing difficulties with your children / brothers?


Nadia at Art Tray has a lovely garden to show:


Dr. Viola is facing a massive emotional problem as she explains in her post "I love you , don't leave!":

THEY packed my sister's luggage today , she is preparing to move to her husband's family's house , frankly speaking … I didn't give any participation in this bcoz I'm sure that would breake my heart ! I can't explain it , she is like my soulmate, my brain twin ! she is designed how I've been designed . I don't deny I differ from her so much , but I'm like her … and the first one I put In the foregroundTo take advice IS HER , coz I trust her.. and trust what she thinks .

Then she presents her sister with a moving peom:

We got a little world of our own
I'll tell you things that no one else knows
I let you in where no-one else goes
What am I doing without you
And all of the things I've been looking for
Have always been here outside of my door
And all of the time I'm looking for something new
What am I doing without you!!!

Dear Dr. Viola, she has to leave and hopefull you will leave soon in order to get the balance right.


Iraq The Model talkes about the news that the presidency council in Iraq is criticizing PM Maliki over his standoff with Syria:

Iraq's leaders seem very uncomfortable with what they consider a monopoly of decision-making by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.The Iraqi presidency council called for "containing the situation with neighboring Syria and for cooperation between the two countries to resolve disputes through dialogue and diplomatic channels".A statement released after the council's meeting in Sulaymaniyah stressed the need to do what is in the best interest of both countries and to prevent "enemies" from using one country against the other. The presidency council includes president Jalal Talabani and his deputies Aadil Abdul-Mahdi and Tariq al-Hashimi.

He concludes by saying:

The statement sounds like an attempt to water down Maliki's attitude toward Syria "the call for considering terrorist attacks as crimes against humanity and the proposal to form an international tribunal for this purpose is not about Syria, but about terrorism as a whole". The council intends to send messages to Maliki and to the secretary general of the Arab League to "explain the position of the presidency council which must be consulted and give approval" when it comes to fundamental and important issues.


Marsho at It is all about our life in an interesting comparsion:

Internet: Even if you don't choose to pay for a very fast Internet you have the government one which is for free and set every where.

Clinics: you don't want to go to the doctor unless you have a health insurance which is hard to obtain. If you do so, then you gotta pay between $100 - $200 just to see a doctor. Food: you find every thing here even thing that are not in your mind, but to be honest there is no meat better than the Iraqi -lamb meat...yummmy!! Cancer: Is way too spread here.

Streets: Are very bad and full of holes because of the salt that is spread to melt the snow away in winter.

Then she makes her final conclusions:

I am on a scale now, the right hand is my endless home "Iraq" and the left hand is my new home" America". When the right pan gets down and heavier it means that I feel homesick to my family, my city, my work and cries for what is going on there, and that I can't face the challenges here as if I want to give up and pack up heading back. To be honest the left pan hasn't gotten deep down yet it seldom did, that means I am still striving and resisting to live, I have to get accustomed to the environment here and go with the program. My dear readers: please forgive me for not posting any thing since July. Reading my post will explain my absence.


Touta is making a declartion in her recetn post"Don't you forget":

I'm at rest. I've made a decision. :D

Touta continues talking about some of her latest news:

I'm back to learning the piano, but suddenly, its taking up a lot more of my time. There's an eery feeling of change. I've changed.It suddenly seems as if everyone is annoying me, and the truth is, i don't think i'm looking forward to taking life seriously. I know i should, but i always prefer to float through life

Then she trys to address a stunning question that would affect her life greatly:

Which life fo you prefer? The UK life, the Iraq village life, or the Baghdad life?'.
For the first time in my life, i had the horrible soul sinking realisation. I have a split life, a split mind. A part of me cherishes each one. A part of me hates each one.I wonder if a mixture of the three is possible.


Nibras Kazimi at Talisman Gate in a lengthy post is trying to acknowledge what he describes as "good reporting":

I feel compelled to issue a fatwa: Whereas in the past, the only New York Times reporter writing about Iraq that was worthy of praise, in my erudite opinion, was Sabrina Tavernise, I must say that the recent (...that is, past few months) bylines by Sam Dagher, Rod Nordland, and Campbell Robertson, have indicated a far more sober and reasoned reading of what is going on there. They sometimes write stuff that I take issue with, but on the whole it is very, very good. Certainly far better than what the paper gave us in the past.


These are a few of my favourite things
sees RAMADAN flying so fast and Eid is coming so she shoot the following picture:


Son of Tigris is back from Lebanon which he describes as an amazing place:

Anyway, I had fun in Lebanon which is an amazing place to have fun in, and what really made it wonderful were my meetings with New/Old people over there.. . Wow! That was totally awesome.

While in Lebanon, I did a variety of things including family issues and a medical treatment.

Then he talks about true and good friends:

Many people will walk in and out of our lives, but only true friends will leave footprints in our hearts.

“Good friends are like stars.... You don't always see them, but you know they are always there”

Son of Dijla is not going to wait any longer to get back blogging so he is showing a Clip which he titles as "This Clip is Proof That Birds Are Secretly Composers":

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.


Iraqi Pundit in an article entitled "Iraq is still worth efforts" has the following view:

Naturally the so-called experts make silly claims such as, "[t]he decline by one third in the number of attacks in July, the first month of no urban US patrols, suggests that their presence was provoking a certain number of attacks." Yes, that is what Juan Cole says. But Iraqis are still reeling from the August 19th attacks. Iraqis know that the terrorists aim at Iraqi civilians more often than they aim at Americans in Iraq.

He concludes by stating:

No Iraqi wants the United States to stay indefinitely. Oridnary Iraqis know that what Americans started here is good, but the U.S. must finish the job. A friend put it this way. She said the U.S. is like a marathon runner at mile 24. Of course the runner is tired, but it's important to keep going and finish the 26 mile race. Otherwise all that effort will have been for nothing.


Sunshine is in her way to Baghdad to enjoy the last ten days of RAMADAN with family and friends:

This Ramadan was calm and fun for me, I spend the time on the internet, reading, watching Tv. And cooking, we also went shopping few times preparing for Eid (feast).
I'll also go to Baghdad few days later with my family, I'll sped the last 10 days of Ramadan in Baghdad and also celebrate Eid there, with my grandparents , relatives, and friends.I love going to Baghdad, and I am really excited .. I'll post whenever I can, and I'll write a post with pictures about my visit to Baghdad.


Baghdad's Kassakhoon focus is Iraqi Oil Minister, Hussein al-Shahristani:

Once again Iraqi Oil Minister, Hussein al-Shahristani issues statements differ from the ones his close aides issue and that could explain a gap between the politician and the technocrat inside the Ministry of Oil. Or what the politician and the technocrat want.

He advises him to collect what he called "achievements cards":

Al-Shahristani is in dire need to collect as much as he can from the "achievements cards" to face his political foes when summon by the parliament and to enhance his position when runs in the coming elections along with Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki.


3eeraqimedic is showing a beautiful Kashan rug:

She talks about credit debt which has been mentioned also by
Marsho in her very recent post:

I read the entry of young "Marshmallow" on her impressions on the East-West divide with interest.I have been thinking about how we have changed over the years in so many subtle ways, and how much more accepting of certain norms we have become.One norm that we have been sucked into is debt

She also talks about her experience with the banking system:

When I first arrived here I was not even familiar with banking, having been paid in cash and for a while I continued paying for everything in cash
But I soon found out that in order to do so many things in this country you need a bank account, and when you have a bank account you also get a debit card and after a few stressful episodes with my card being swallowed by the "hole in the wall" on Sunday evening leaving me penniless because I had once more forgotten my password I eventually became a slave of the ATM.

Then it's time to talk about the beautiful Kashan rug:

But I must admit my most recent purchase was well worth it
For as long as I can remember I have dreamt of owning one, I would spend ages admiring them, the details, the fine patterns, the vivid colours, the textures of the different materials, even the scent.
The whole experience evoked memories of our winters with kerosene heaters, memories of our living room, memories of my grandmother's house, memories of home.
And when anyone questions it I state very convincingly that it is an investment :)

Well, we should say Congratulation!


HNK went out with her mother and bought a new jacket in preparation for Eid. Then she went to the dentist who asked her to wear the braces again to which she says:

OH, can’t these teeth live in peace!! I wore the braces three years and I never get my teeth straight.The problem is when I took a picture, I got a three dimensional one!My face seems to be oriented in a different side from my teeth.And this Brace is so cool in torturing human being by putting our teeth restricted in its own home!!
It’s hurting me so much!! I can’t eat some kinds of food. I hardly gain 4 pounds last two month and I don’t want to lose it… I want to make this triangular face more rounded. And I am not yet an artist !


Attawie is happy to share some wonds with everybody:

Knowing that I've been away for several reasons doesn't mean I don't care about you, neither does it mean I don't want to share with you. For that I'm sharing a secret I've been hiding for a while. I'm going to have a niece! (the secret I talked about earlier) :D
Yes, I know! It means I'm going to be a khala (an aunt). I'm going to be "cool auntie atta" :D

Aunt Attawie: Congratulations!


البرجوازي العراقي انهى الجزء الاول من بورتريت للرسامة الاصيلة ميس الخالدي على حد قوله:

وهنالك بعض الحقائق حول هذا البورتريت وقد رافقها سؤال موجه للجميع :

لم استخدم الكمبيوتر لجعل الصورة اغمق بل هذه هي الاصلية لاني استخدمت علبة اقلام كرافيت لاول مرة.
الاقلام المستخدمة
6B, HB,3H
مدة الرسم ساعتين
ماهو رايكم ما هي نسبة الشبه؟

الحقيقة ان العمل يحمل كثير من اللمسات الفنية و لاشك ان الجزء الثاني سيكون اكثر ابداعاً واشراقا


يوميات مغتربة ومقالة ثريةتحمل عنوان "شحــــــــــــــذ الهــــمم" يجب ان تقرأ حيث تستهلها بما يلي :

اليوم هو اليوم التاسع عشر من رمضان، مما يعني أن ليلة اليوم هي ليلة من الليالي العشر ..
مضى ثلثي رمضان .. مضى ثلث الرحمة .. ومن حصلها فقد حصلها .. ومضى ثلث مغفرة .. ومن حصلها فقد حصلها .. وهاهو ثلث العتق من النار ..
ليش ما نكون إحنة من العتقاء هذا الشهر؟
زين نريد ونريد ونريد ونطمع بس ما نعمل؟ ميصير ..
زين لعد بينكم وبين نفسكم .. اللي خططتوه في رمضان ضاعفوه في العشر الأواخر .. طبعاً أكيد تعرفون أنه واحدة من هذه الليالي راح تكون ليلة القدر .. وهي ليلة خير من ألف شهر .. تنزل الملائكة والروح فيها بإذن ربهم من كل أمر .. سلام تلك الليلة .. حتى مطلع الفجر ...

وقد ورد فيها ايضاً ما منه ُتستخرج العبر البالغة والدروس العميقة:

قال بعض السلف: "مساكين أهل الدنيا خرجوا منها وما ذاقوا ألذ ما فيها، قيل: ما ألذ ما فيها؟ قال: الأنس بالله والتلذذ بخطابه والوقوف بين يديه"

شكراً لكم ايتها الاخت الفاضلة زهرة الراوي على هذا الجهد الكريم ودمتم في رعاية الله وحفظه.


الرسامة هند تعرض عددا من النساء في لوحات رسم وذلك من تحت قلعتها الرومانية المحاطة ببحر صاخب غاضب :


يا الله عيني سولفلنا والدكتورة فيولا وتحت عنوان "لا مزيد من شوربة العدس" تدعو المواطنين كافة الى عدم تناول شورية العدس بعد الآن واستبدالها بشورية البصل والشعرية:

ما ادري الناس ليش مجلبين بشوربة العدس برمضان .؟!؟! اليوم جايبتلكم شوربة لذيذة كلش ومغذية وبنفس الوقت كلش سهلة ..
يلة بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم :

1- نصف بصلة .
2- حبة بطاطة كاملة
3- مرق دجاج
4- كاري
5- نشاء
6- شعرية – حسب الرغبة -

طريقة التحضير:
1- تفرم 1\2 البصلة حسب الرغبة (الحجم) ، وتقلى على النار حتى يتغير اللون
2- تفرم البطاطة مكعبات صغيرة
3- تقلى البطاطة ولكن ليس الى حد النضج الكامل (يعني متتحمص)
4- بعد ما ينتهي قلي البطاطة ع النص والبصل بصورة كاملة ،طبعا البصل يقلى بالجدر الاصلي اللي راح تصير بيه الشوربة . تضاف البطاطة الى الجدر ويوضع مرق الدجاج .
5- تترك حتى تغلي لمدة 5 دقائق
6- يضاف النشاء لزيادة سمك الشوربة
7- يضاف الكاري لأكساب النكهة
8- تطفئ النار وبعدها تترك الشوربة لكي تبرد
9- هنا يجي دور ست البيت. نلزمها ونحطها بالجدر و نخبطها حتة يصير شكلها مثل العدس

10- هسة يجي دور الشعرية حتة تنطي الشوربة شكل حلو .. نضيفيها بكمية قليلة هي ودا تغلي الشوربة
11- الــــــــــــــــف عافــــــــــــــــــية

شكراً ايتها الدكتورة فيولا على هذه الشوربة الغذائية الجديدة ولكن يجب علينا القول ان لشوربة العدس عشاقها ومحبيها الكثيرين.


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