Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exploring Advanced Technologies on Son of Tigris's blog!


I have the pleasure of guiding you through a tour of the Son of Tigris blog.Our Iraqi son began blogging more than two years ago, focusing on cutting edge technologies. He is a consistent blogger and blogs at least once a day.The blog has an attractive layout including an animated "Welcome to my World" that reflects his technical skills and the Iraqi generous characters. Son of Tigris has no difficulty whatsoever in coming up with enough advanced technology materials to satisfy the needs of his target audience using powerful audio visual tools.He keeps his Iraqi eyes open for what's new in the world of technology and has put a lot of effort into categorizing his entries into 22 basic titles.I explored all the blog categories and came up with some of his most interesting entries.


If you read through his post: Bertone Mantide On Wednesday, April 22, 2009, you will discover that he is confident, excited and surely comfortable to declare:

I think I'm in love.

And who is the lover? Well, it's the following Bertone Mantide super car:

Do you blame him for such a love?I surely wouldn't blame him.


On Thursday, April 30, 2009, Son of Tigris is busy exploring another interesting subject:
Dual-screen Moonlight laptop showing a stunning picture of it:

His heart consciously goes out to this precious laptop as he describes it:

This monumentally sexy computer is called the Moonlight, and it's a concept design for a dual-screen laptop that I really, really want to become a reality.The concept laptop comes with duel-curved screens, the bigger measuring 16:9 and the smaller 4:3, allowing the users maintain an ideal distance between the eyes and the laptop screen to reduce eye stress.

Then Son of Tigris rightly concludes:

There's nothing here that couldn't be made here, albeit expensively. How about it, manufacturers?


On Thursday, February 5, 2009, Son of Tigris in a post entitled: Twitter -- Coolest thing EVER-- is asking Iraqis and others to use twitter as a communication tool:

And surely he has some good reasons for such a request:

Okay, Here is a new/easy way of getting in touch, It's Something Simpler than FaceBook, In fact I'ts just one line of 140 characters max! FUN HA?

Be warned that he is very serious about his recommendation:

Guyz .. please please .. just try it ... am sure you gonna like it and it's DEFINITELY gonna keep us in touch and up to date;)
Give it a try .. www.twitter.com

I have to inform you that I started to use twitter less than a month ago:



To prove his point and also to show the significance of twitter on Sunday, April 12, 2009, and in a well-established post: NASA Astronaut To Twitter Space Shuttle Mission Son of Tigris happily talks about a news story, accompanied by a nice picture, that says:

NASA, which used Twitter to send updates about the Mars Phoenix Lander program, is turning to the micro-blogging service again.
The US space agency announced on Monday that astronaut Mike Massimino would be using Twitter to provide a behind-the-scenes look at his training for an upcoming space shuttle mission.Massimino will be firing off 140-character-or-less messages at @Astro_Mike.


We all love to get a new mobile phone if possible and Son of Tigris knows that, therefore no surprise to see him introducing two new phones in a recent post on Thursday, May 14, 2009: Acer's DX900 and X960 WinMo smartphones now available . . They look very nice, in the provided picture, like most of the smart mobile phones:

He talks enthusiastically about the two phones:

Most dual-SIM devices top out at EDGE, but the DX900 takes it to the next level with triband HSDPA on top of quadband EDGE; you've also got a 2.8-inch VGA display, WiFi, 3 megapixel AF camera, and GPS, so if you're a two-line kind of individual, look for this one now around Europe and Asia.

Next, the X960 ups the ante with HSUPA and 7.2Mbps maximum on the downlink, a revised 3D user interface, and a 3.2 megapixel cam -- it too should be populating Europe and Asia as we speak. Neither unit is going to be blowing minds, granted, but if it's any consolation, we're sure there are a few good hacked 6.5 and Android ROMs waiting for 'em.


Son of Tigris won't leave you alone until he makes sure that all scientific purposes are served so in a post on Thursday, February 26, 2009, he is highlighting a health issue which is: Hot Chili Peppers Help Unravel The Mechanism Of Pain and in order to make the entry looks more appealing, he combined the text with an artistic picture that shows a partially flamed out hot chili pepper to reflect on the natural spicy flames of chili peppers:

Capsaicin, the active ingredient in spicy hot chili peppers such as the jalapeno, is most often experienced as an irritant, but it may also be used to reduce pain.
A new work published by Drs. Feng Qin and Jing Yao in this week’s PLoS Biology uses capsaicin to uncover novel insight into how pain-receptor systems can adapt to painful stimuli.

Then he explains the implications of the discovery:

The findings have implications for pain sensation mechanisms as well as clinical applications. With an adaptive response, the receptors are essentially autoregulated without a fixed threshold, thus the intensity of the pain you experience is dependent on the recent history of pain.


Finally I leave you with pictures from his most recent entry New Air Ticket! which he only published on Monday, May 18, 2009:


I think we should be proud of our son, the Son of Dijla, who hardly has time for anything but Technology!


Son of TIGRIS said...

The words cannot express my appreciation, Thank you .. Thank you .. Thank you.

Khalid from iraqiblogupdates.blogspot.com/ said...

Son of Tigris,

Thank you so much for your kind visit and also thank you for your generous words.

To be honest, we have to thank you for your endless efforts to provide us with both accurate and reliable information about progress in advanced technologies.

So,Thank you a million times!

Anonymous said...

Nice post... Looks like flash memory is really beginning to take off. Hopefully we'll start seeing decreasing solid-state drive prices in the near future. Five dollar 32 GB Micro SDs for your Nintendo DS flash card... imagine that!

(Posted using SKu2 for R4i Nintendo DS.)

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